Flipboard Briefing

Lead Product Designer

Flipboard Briefing, a Samsung-exclusive app installed on millions of devices worldwide, had yet to receive a major update since 2015. In 2018, Samsung approached Flipboard to refresh and expand the app’s functionality for the release of their new flagship phone. With Briefing as a key growth channel for the core Flipboard app, this refresh was also an opportunity to increase key company metrics.

I led the design effort, working closely with Samsung teams in Seoul and the Flipboard product team in Palo Alto. The new product experience expanded the available categories of content from ten to over a thousand and introduced the Flipboard Universal Design System to keep the visual language of Briefing more consistent with that of core Flipboard.

Since the release, time spent in the app has increased by nearly forty percent.

Overview of the new Flipboard  Briefing experience.
The new Briefing experience.
Prototype of the new Briefing information architecture.
Briefing contextual account creation prompt.
Contextual account creation prompt.
Briefing Following and Search views.
Following and Search views.